Dear readers,

We’ve got plenty of fresh material in store for you, in keeping with the high expectations set by the fine review of our humble publication in the Quest last week. Bringing us the squeeze on the Cooley’s new developments, Jilly shares valuable interview snippets (1). Josh Cox makes his debut with a poem (3), followed by a poem by Anthony (4). In our cultural column, Martha reviews Niels Lyhne (5), and Rubi gives us the scoop on immigration detention costs in AZ (6). Staff writer B.W. Higgins divulges the #1 culinary secret of the fluffy sort (8), and as a special treat, Miss Lonely Hearts is joined by PSU’s Agony Aunt to deliver the usual dose of relationship advice (10). So, whatever you’re doing, whether it’s designing your tin foil Renn Fayre costume or just starting on that final paper, the Grail knows you got this.

Claire P., Claire S., and Guananí

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