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It’s that time of year when Reed traditions abound: HumPlay is tonight, Nitrogen Day just passed, and only two weeks remain until Renn Fayre. To catch you up on some of your favorite Reed quirks, the Grail is here with our penultimate issue of the semester. First, study up on the history of HumPlay with Guananí Gómez, Avril Carrillo, and Eileen Vert (1). Take a short and sweet break from the mass of Reed-related information on pages four and five, where you’ll find a comic by Cecile Kenny (4) and a short story by Alex (5). Then, dive back into reading up on campus culture with Guananí’s in-depth look into the origins of Nitrogen Day (6). Finally, finish off the issue with some life advice from Dan to help you through finals season (8), followed by romantic advice from Miss Lonely Hearts to get you excited for those summer flings (10).

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