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As the weeks drag on from March to April to the oft-dreamed-of May, you may feel you are sinking. Oh no wait, you are swimming, you are doing a great job, oh and then, nevermind, you are sinking again. Well, reader, if these weeks are dragging you down, now’s the time start daydreaming about the future—of radio (1). And even if things seem like the absolute worst, at least your condiments aren’t getting divorced, like Grace’s dearest friends from her Burning Man days (6). Speaking of Burning Man, got summer plans? Do you fantasize about meeting a cutie at the water-refill station, perhaps? Well, Miss Lonely Hearts has some suggestions for you (7). While we are still bopping from class to class, though, De Sastre’s critiquing their own styles this week, just to keep things fresh (8), and Charlie has it all from Moleskine notebooks to Yeezy to Electric Wizard in this week’s Cultural Column (9). And if all this doesn’t soothe you, remember, if you feel like jumping out of a window during conference, you’re not alone. The Grail has created a Bingo board to keep you entertained (10). So sit, back, relax, and play a few games of Bingo; everything will be okay.


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