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Enjoy It While It Lasts

Venus moved into Aquarius last week. Don’t get too excited my sex-deprived Reedies, this transit is more about crowds and friends than romance. Of course these are not mutually exclusive. Eccentric Aquarius loves to break down old rules and work towards a higher social ideal. If an orgy is what you seek, now is the time to arrange it. For the less sexually adventurous, now is a time of social euphoria. Expect to make lots of new friends or, at the very least, leave the library and see all the friends you’ve been avoiding for that scholarly lifestyle. Those already involved in a romantic relationship will breathe a breath of fresh air thanks to the cool freedom that follows Aquarius. When Venus moves into Aquarius weirdos and eccentrics become even more lovable than before. 

Since February 18, you may have been feeling absent-minded, extra-sensitive, or perhaps even allergic to your day-to-day routine. This is because the sun moved into Pisces that day. Pisces is a highly empathic sign described as spiritual and idealistic. If you are feeling the pull of Pisces, give in: take a stroll through the canyon, meditate among the trees; contemplate your purpose within this ever-expanding universe; now is a great time to nourish your spiritual energy. 

However, this beautifully enlightening spiritual period is already nearing its end. On March 20, the sun moves into Aries. Aries is combative and impulsive but, as the first sign in the zodiac, it also is considered to be the sign that brings about new beginnings. It brings with it the first signs of spring and the optimal time for starting a new project after the winter hibernation. 

The “I Am” sign of Aries might not mesh very well with Mercury in Pisces, which it re-enters on the 17th. When Mercury is in retrograde your thoughts can often be confused with others, but as it is no longer in retrograde the spiritual communicative energy created by Pisces could be used for your benefit. The passions of the fire signs need not be used for solitary purposes although they are often thought of in that way. With Mercury in Pisces you might be able to better understand and communicate with a larger group of people. With the Sun in Aries you might figure out how you can best fit in for both your and others’ benefit. Impatience can often be a problem with the Sun in Aries. Although you may feel strongly about something at first, that fire can quickly be extinguished if you don’t continue to aid its growth during this period. In conference this energy can either be used in a way that is incredibly adamant and territorial about ideas, or so that the idealistic energy of Pisces helps passionate conversation. Converse in a wise and aware fashion.