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Cold Specks

Cold Specks’s 2014 is, in my opinion, one of the more underrated albums to come out this year; it didn’t really make a stir when it was released in August, and hasn’t seemed to pick up any new fans in the months since either. It should, though, because it is fantastic. Imagine if Macy Gray or Billie Holiday sang over a Swans album, and you kinda get what Cold Specks is slinging. I highly recommend it.

Since its been one week since you looked at me getting cold out, y’all are probably hankering for some more indoor activities, so if you are in the mood to go to the movies anytime soon, let me recommend two to ya: Gone Girl and Nightcrawler. Gone Girl is all about those complicated gender roles and sexual relations we all love talking about so much, so go with a friend or two and have a nice debate afterwords over what David Fincher was doing in this film. It’s a good time. See Nightcrawler if you want to spend an hour and a half watching Jake Gyllenhaal be a sociopathic weirdo, which is of course something you should want to see.