Cultural Calendar October

With bands’ fall tours getting underway, October is shaping up to be a pretty crazy month for concerts, with more shows than one could ever hope to see (me included) if they have the work schedule of a dedicated, scholarly Reed student (like me (?)). Hopefully, like me, you’ll try to make it out as much as you can, though. Keep an eye out for me at one of these shows, I’ll be the one reading Ulysses between sets. (True story tho, one time I saw someone who brought and then proceeded to read Infinite Jest between bands at a My Bloody Valentine show. I guess we were all yung high school ‘intellectuals’ once.)

September 30

Concert — Trust w/Com Truise at The Branx (21+)

Trust’s new album Joyland is a grower; it came out earlier this year, and the first couple times I spun it, I thought it was kinda dumb disco synthpop. Don’t get me wrong, it still pretty much is. Is that a bad thing, though? At some point this summer, it clicked with me and now I groove to it. I have to imagine that, in a concert setting, it will be even more enjoyable. Also, it’s pretty cool that Com Truise, the most palatable denizen of chillwave nation, is opening.

October 1

Movie — Halloween 3 (w/Alan Howarth!!!) at Hollywood Theatre (AA)

Wow, okay wow. So Halloween 3 is the only Halloween movie without Michael Myers. The actual plot, featuring an evil corporation (redundant phrase, amirite?), is insane in all of its schlocky goodness. Hollywood acquired a 35mm print of it (like, what?) and on top of that, Alan Howarth, the composer of numerous John Carpenter soundtracks, including the Halloween franchise, Big Trouble in Little China, Christine, They Live, and Escape from New York, is going to be at the showing and is performing a set of live music after the movie. This is a insane event made for crazy people (read: ‘80s film buffs.)

October 2

Concert — Ought at Mississippi Studios (21+)

The most unexpected P-fork BNM since Sun Kil Moon’s Benji (aka All My Friends Are Dead, The Album). Ought is a DIY punk band with a delightfully meandering vibe. If you want to see what they’re on about, check out the song ‘Today More Than Any Other Day’ which is simultaneously one of the most world-weary and inspiring songs of 2014. It also features such choice lyrics as “Today, more than any other day, I am prepared to make the choice between 2% and whole milk.” Sometimes that is all we can really hope for.

October 5

Concert — Sebadoh at Star Theater (21+)

Indie Rock Lifer™ Lou Barlow is back in Portland, and anyone that hasn’t seen Sebadoh yet is missing out. Perhaps better known for his other trio, Dinosaur Jr., I would reckon to say that Sebadoh has put out just as many essential records as Dino.

October 8

Concert — Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) at Slabtown (AA)

emo revival tears everywhere

October 11

Concert — Mutual Benefit at Bunk Bar (21+)

glorious baroque pop tears everywhere

October 16

Concert — Ex Hex & Speedy Ortiz at Mississippi Studios (21+)

joyous badass ‘90s indie rock grrrls everywhere

October 19

Concert — Big Ups w/ LVL Up at Slabtown (AA)

angry yelpy post-hardcore punk boys everywhere

October 24

Concert — Perfume Genius at Mississippi Studios (21+)

Perfume Genius’s new album Too Bright is one of the best albums of 2014. There’s simply no ignoring the power and emotion that Mike Hadreas brings in each of his recordings, and with Too Bright, he opens up the project to new, challenging dimensions. Musically, the sound veers psychotically, from the peaceful piano compositions he is known for to sonic freakouts that bring to mind latter-day Scott Walker. And thematically, it only gets more intense: one of the frequent concepts of Too Bright is that of ‘gay panic’, Hadreas playing with the idea that he can use his queerness as a tool, a weapon of intimidation. This is an Important album, and this will be a mind blowing show.

October 26

Concert — EMA @ Mississippi Studios (21+)

EMA is one of those artists that I see a lot more love for on the internet than I ever have in real life. Which, you know, should be changed, man. EMA (aka Erika M. Anderson)’s work on that one Gowns album alone should cement her reputation, and her solo albums, like Past Life Martyred Saints and this year’s The Future’s Void continue to prove her talent for songcraft. I saw her live at MFNW this year (dat free volunteering wristband, holla) and it was so nice I’ll see her twice.