Cultural Calendar November 26

December 2

Concert - Thee Oh Sees @ Doug Fir (AA/21+)

If the Meatbodies show last Friday wasn’t enough for you (and I’m ashamed of all of you that didn’t come) then make your way to the Doug Fir for a twofer of the godfather of all 21st century psych-garage-rock bands, Thee Oh Sees. These guys kill it live, and they are playing two shows, one all ages and one 21+, so there ain’t no reason not to come out. Last Thee Oh Sees show I went to, one of my friends almost got choked out by a grumpy dad-rocker, and now we shall return with a vengeance against all boomers that don’t understand the concept of a “punk” show with one of those new-fangled “mosh pits” the kids are talking about nowadays


December 2

Concert - Deafheaven @ Holocene (21+)

Straight from the early Thee Oh Sees show to Deafheaven for me. This show came outta nowhere, and I am pumped to see Deafheaven again. You should know by now if you love or hate their massively popular 2013 album Sunbather, which divided the metal community last year just like Yeezus did to the rap community (I may be exaggerating a bit). Deafheaven brings a great live show and lead singer George Clarke is one goofy Superman looking-ass dude, but man can he screech. This show is through Red Bull Sound Select, so RSVP on their website to get cheep cheep cheep $3 tickets at the door. Deal of a lifetime!


December 9

Concert - Pallbearer @ Hawthorne Theater (21+)

When I saw Deafheaven earlier this year, Pallbearer opened up for them, and these dudes nailed it as well. This was before their “breakout” (as much as any metal album breaks out) Foundations of Burden came out later in the summer, to much acclaim; I find their live show much more compelling than their recorded stuff. That being said, Pallbearer has released one of the better doom albums of the year (that is, until Oregon-native Yob blew the competition out of the water). This show is only 9 bucks, so it is definitely worth your time.

So next issue, I’ll be using this space to showcase my year-end lists. Be prepared for best albums, best movies, best books, and best concerts of the year! I’ll be sure to bring some hot opinions to the table. Speaking of which, have a happy thanksgiving and remember those people who are less fortunate and can’t spend their time going to concerts and all that. Love y’all.