Cultural Calendar February


Feb. 6th-22nd
Portland International Film Festival
There’s like a million films showing around the city. You have time to see at least one. No excuses, you uncultured American swine!

Friday, Feb. 7th
Movie — The Monuments Men
The big story around this movie lately has been its postponement from December to February, which doesn’t exactly bode well (December is the battlefield for those Oscar-baiting prestige flicks, while February… well, you can see how many other movies I’m excited for in February). However, this film is stacked with big names, like Clooney (who also directs, which isn’t exactly the side of the camera that I prefer him on), Damon, and Blanchett. Basically, the reason I’m advocating this movie is because both Bill Murray and John Goodman are in it, which is pretty much the curly-fries-in-Commons type of magic of the film universe. And, to add on to that, they are fighting and stealing art from the Nazis. If anything, this movie will probably make me want to watch “Inglourious Basterds” again.

Feb. 7th-23rd
Sports — Olympics
C’mon, this is one of those times when you can strap on your American Flag sweatpants, crack open a Bud Light, and scream “USA! USA! USA!” at a television and only be partially ironic about it. And to our Russian hosts, съесть моих американских шорты!

Wednesday, Feb. 19th
Concert — Pixies w/ Best Coast
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Some of my friends vehemently hate the 21st-century incarnation of Pixies, one of indie rock’s most respected institutions. I’m rather ambivalent to the new material that they’ve been trotting out, but I didn’t get a chance to see them on their recent Doolittle (their best album, duh) tour, so this is my first experience with Black Francis and co. I’ll be happily screaming along with “Tame” and “Wave of Mutilation.” Bland Coast is opening.

Sunday, Feb. 23rd
Reading — The Wes Anderson Collection
Powell’s Downtown

Since everyone at Reed is pretty much required to love Wes Anderson, and have a ranked list of his movies in your head to compare with other Reedies at moment’s notice (by the way, the right answer is putting Royal Tenenbaums on top and Darjeeling Limited at the bottom), this reading ought to garner some campus attention. The Wes Anderson Collection is a book-long interview with Anderson on his films, along with never-before-published pictures. Wes won’t be at the reading, but the author, Matt Zoller Seitz, should have plenty of good stories about the director, and if nothing else, this should stoke the fires of anticipation for his new film coming out next month, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Sunday, March 2nd
Television — The Oscars
My favorite annual hate-watch, the Oscars are one of those things for which there is no logical reason to get excited. It’s stupid, the right movies rarely win, and they have inspired the genre of film known as prestige pictures that everyone from budding teenage cinephiles to faux-intellectuals to midwest moms and dads can watch and feel cultured™. But the Oscars are kind of like fantasy football for movie-goers, there’s pleasure to be found in predicting the winners, in whining about the inanities that the stars continuously spew, in the occasional insanity that our goddess Folly might spring upon the auditorium. By the way, if Leo wins best actor for Wolf of Wall Street and comes on stage high on ’Ludes I win five hundred bucks. We can hope. 


Album Releases

TALI = take a listen if...

Feb. 11 
Sun Kil Moon — Benji
TALI: You like confessional poetry set to guitar, complaining about kids, or Ben Gibbard is, in fact, your friend.

Feb. 18th
Angel Olsen — Burn Your Fire for No Witness
TALI: Your record collection is pretty much all female singer-songwriters (not a bad thing).

Guided By Voices — Motivational Jumpsuit
TALI: You listen to everything that Bob Pollard releases (which means you can’t possibly have any other interests).

Feb. 25th
Beck — Morning Phase
TALI: You just woke up (literally and/or figuratively) and reconciled that Beck will never release another Mellow Gold or Odelay.

Damaged Bug — Hubba Bubba
TALI: You’ve traded in your San Francisco Garage rock albums and guitar for synthesizers and Devo albums.

Neneh Cherry — Blank Project
TALI: You’ve been waiting with bated breath for nearly twenty years for this new solo album, and rightly so.

St. Vincent — St. Vincent
TALI: You like music.

March 4th
The Men — Tomorrow’s Hits
TALI: You would actually love to get in a fight at a biker bar.