Dressing Up & Down

Aysha Pettigrew (Click to see what she's wearing.)

People think I’m dressing up when in reality I’m dressing down, because I mean, pants are hard. As for the dress, I can’t remember where I got it since I’ve had it since middle school.
— Aysha Pettigrew ’17

We are Alexis Angulo ’16 and Mia Uribe Kozlovsky ’16. We’re starting column focused on Reedie fashion.  As you’ve probably observed, Reedies tend to be eclectic in their fashion choices and usually can’t be found in your typical collegiate sweatpants and Ugg boots. So if you see us around, tell us whaddup, and we’ll be happy to take your picture and hear the story about what you chose to put on your body today. Have fun deciphering why we called it “De Sastre,” and we can’t wait to see you in two weeks.