All Around the World

Today’s awe-inspiring aesthetic comes from Olivia Dawson. While the foundation of her outfit is a thrifted simple black maxi, Olivia’s style testifies to her globe-trotting friends and her appreciation for the unconventional. Her organza crop top is from Japan; the top’s ethereal and voluminous cap-sleeves enhance the look by challenging the simple proportions of the A-line dress. Her chain and pendant hail from Cuba, a gift from her lovely human adding a sentimental touch to the whimsical aesthetic. Olivia’s earrings, made out of beetles, echo the opalescence of her not one, but two, nose piercings. These accessories bring forth her inner Luna Lovegood and eccentricity.

Now this weekend—has anyone planned any creative outfits for West Ball? Yeezy season approachin’.