“I just really love Halloween. It’s what I live for.”



With pretty pumpkins parading every corner, scary skeletons scaling the houses of Eastmoreland, and a harrowing haunted tour of Reed (this Friday!), you may (or may not have) noticed that the Halloween season is upon us.


In preparation, Caitlin O’Shea ’17 wears a white sweatshirt with black outlines on the cuffs and the collar. Three ghostly ghouls greet anyone she happens to meet with a “BOO” each. Little yellow sparkling stars bedazzle the space around them. She says she found the sweatshirt at a thrift shop. Since then, she wears the top every October 1 and once in the last week of October.


A turtleneck peeks out from under the collar of the sweatshirt. Another white piece, yet this one decorated with little black cats and various orange and black Halloween themed designs. By placing both of these statement pieces atop basic, slim-cut blue jeans and black flats, Caitlin pulls off the effortless integration of her Halloween pride and her elegant style.


Happy Halloween!!! Create creepy costumes and treat yourself to some trickery! ;)