Red, Gold & Black

Paloma Martinez-Miranda

“I’m trying to incorporate more colors into my outfits, but I also believe in a statement piece.”

Psychological studies have found that red enhances the wearer’s sex appeal, but here in the offices of The Grail we found that we do not give any fucks. Instead, our study shows that red as a statement color enhances any outfit, allowing it to make the leap from the stale to the sublime. Studio art senior Paloma Martinez-Miranda spices up her simple black style with, not only one, but two, statement pieces that showcase a classic red and gold pairing. Subtle gold weaves itself against the crimson threads within both her scarf and her earrings, transforming her classic black uniform into a striking image.

Look out for our own study to be published in next week’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on Paloma’s universal attractiveness.



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