Of Dark and Bright

She walks in beauty like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies
and all that’s best of dark and bright
meets in her aspect and her eyes.
— Lord Byron


Who loves both the destruction of industrialized civilizations and Lisbeth Salander? Kevin James Snyder '16. Kevin’s hobbies range from aromatherapy to lacrosse, perhaps explaining the mesh, and include fictional heroes, the cosmos, and the mimetic nature of camouflage. Kevin takes all of these influences and masterfully weaves the unexpected into a seamless look while combining characters and characterizations. Having been accused of “not dressing queer enough,” Kevin attempts to mitigate gay stereotypes through clothing. Having featured Kevin for this week’s issue of The Grail, we shall now return our ginger fashion icon to their home amongst the soulless and damned.



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