Volume 3 Issue 6

The Alyosha Aesthetic: Little Latina, Big Pants

The Alyosha Aesthetic: Little Latina, Big Pants

After being scrutinized and dissected in our last segment, I shall now comment on my colleague’s collection of creative clothing. Despite being the more camera-shy of the two of us, Alexis Angulo always puts thought and consideration into her everyday look. The neutral cream flowing pantalones combined with the white tube top and the grey infinity scarf present a wonderful winter to spring transition ensemble.

In addition to its chic nature, Alexis’s style is a collage of nostalgia. The tiny gold dinosaur necklace and the atlas ring are both gifts from her mother and sister. The pants were her first clothing purchase while abroad in Barcelona. The silver nail polish was a gift from a friend now abroad in Rome. She received both of her piercings on trips to Black Hole Piercing with her best friends. Alexis’s style is a combination of effortless class and items from loved ones. She is beauty and she is grace.

Until next time darlings,