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Clouds. So. Many. Clouds. When it rains . . . it pours. On a brighter note, a deluge of corgi puppies will come to Reed at 1 pm today. Be sure to check them out, unless you despise squat, adorable canines, in which case, DON’T COME. In other news, Charlie gives us his list of the best culture of the year. Albums, movies, concerts, and books all for you to enjoy (6). Speaking of books, The Grail has inside knowledge on the faculty’s favorite reads. Read on to find out what Margot, Gail, et al. love to read (2). The end of this semester’s award-winning comedy column Graceful Grousings is here (4). Like the rest of The Grail, it’ll be back in January. With every end, there is a new beginning. As Gandhi once said “Every time a door shuts, another opens...YOLO.” Childcare services are coming to the Reed medical complex on 28th and Steele (1). As always, thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next semester. All our past issues are available online at

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