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These are tense times, and whether we entertain or inform, the Grail is here to provide you with pieces by Reedies, for Reedies. Jump into the thick of it with a retrospective, comprehensive, multifaceted look at the effects of political events on the community this semester (1). Next, read all about students’ adventures in climate conferencing in Indra’s report on the Cascade Climate Network. Take a trip with Dan Schultz’s poem, “I think we should fly more” (9), and turn to this week’s Remote Report with Ian Buckman’s account of life abroad in Shanghai (10). Be sure to also enjoy Leila’s art piece “For Ines” (11) In this week’s College Kitchen, Shana whips us up a steaming hot plate of stir fry (12). Finally, feeling a little dazed and confused? Miss Lonely Hearts can help you (14)! Enjoy our last is-
sue for the fall semester!

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