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Love is in the air! From E.L. James to the HCC, this issue of The Grail is a fun filled night to remember. From peace in the middle east to prisoners of conscience, it seems the foreign press has been dishing out particularly depressing new lately. Reed student groups such as J Street U and Amnesty International are trying to raise awareness to issues that lay outside the bubble (1). In other news, Britain has produced a great new work of art, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Grace and the rest of The Grail editors go see the movie on opening day...hilarity ensues (?). Reedies need condoms. The Safer Sex Society provides them. Why does this responsibility fall on students rather than on the school (?)? The column formerly known as the Cultural Calendar rears its face once more (?). Finally, we explore puberty, privacy, and Virginia Woolf (?).


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