I think we should fly more

I think we should fly more.

Let’s sit in metal tubes
And huddle with strangers
Each one of us

Board the plane
And leave behind
The terminal existence of
overpriced consumer goods
And being on time

From or to
a new place
Literally, dammit –
the stuff of dreams -

You and your
conglomeration of comrades
bravely shake, shiver, and pop
Every well trained soul
Stares straight ahead
And tells themselves
This is normal

We are so smooth
It’s hard to tell
we’ve only been doing this
a hundred years
Is the poor man’s astronaut

I wish the windows
weren’t so small
then we could see
how big the world is
We could fly
Not for transportation
But transcendence

The millions of lights, lives
Pains, cries
The deafening roar
Drowning it out
For miles
And miles

I’m not religious, but
On a plane, I’m more likely to
Say a prayer:
“Thank you God.”
“Please let us get home safe.”
“I hope
she’s waiting for me.”
“I wish I knew
what to do now.”
“It’s been too long.
Time flies.”

Going somewhere
Wondering if we should talk
To the person beside us
While we dangle,
Briefly, in the air

I think we should fly more.