Red Dawn

Novacaine fires burn bright, engulfing parchmental flesh
Ink sucks like juvenile parasites, blackened hordes buzz
Drawing cursive blood, winding, Hermes’ snakes trapped beneath
Convulsing, tightening, knotting into infinitesimal knots

The throat searches for air—a gaslamp lost within a mine
Beams tighten in tetanus lock, a pulmonary conflagration
Burns with the intensity—a billion cosmic crematoriums fixed within the vault of space-time
Churning forth rivers of history’s graying lactose

The crevices—the valleys of the brain pulsate
Repirate within the fold of the ether air
Fireflies swarm within the mind, the din of steel hums
The steel river hums with the reflection of starlight

Tethered to night, the umbilical cord cut
From the dead corpse, it screams forth
Screams forth, child spilling out water
The sun, ruddy from the womb screams forth

Mother’s convulsing corpse churns in industrial unison
Iron beats, gears lock and release, sucking within the warming grease
Sparks fly from the welding iron, red iron blood burns in the oxygenated hell

And what is the revolution?
But the afterbirth of mother history?