Welcome back friends!

We hope you all had a wonderful break, long enough so you're actually happy to be back in class. This time around we start off with Hazel's chronicle of Friday's protest and an explanation of the disruptive function of demonstrations (1). Along the same lines, we've got a cartoon by Ema (2) and Anton's piece on the peaceful Women's March on Saturday (3). In the face of this rough winter you could try Bella's weekly pie planner (4) and some recommendations from Indra on how to camp in the snowpocalypse (5). Then Claire and Guananí will give you the scoop on Paideia present and past (6, 8). Read about Dan’s home on wheels and his reflections on the contrasts of wealth within cities (10). Next you can enjoy some of Shana's comforting peanut butter hot chocolate, and to top it off, Miss Lonely Heart's helps an anxious Reedie remember the importance of honesty and decency (14).

Anton, Claire, and Guananí

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