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In today’s newsmagazine we’ve got a diverse line-up of all manner of news, culture, politics, and history. Kevin talks 4.48 Psychosis (warning: sad) (1). Responsibility for fighting stereotypes too often falls on the very minorities being stereotyped. Read the stories of Muslims at Reed and Portland at large (2). The saga of the Zero Project continues, toward the airplane’s fiery end (4). Can’t get enough of Renn Fayre history? Neither can we. Read part two of Brian and Dro’s 39,470 part series (8). Reed’s Special Collections is a portal to another world. Much like C.S. Lewis’s magic closet, behind the library doors lie artifacts and stories strange and mysterious (6). Mount Hood forecast is back (hint. Ski at night) (14). Culture Kasie and Charlie discuss T.L.O.P, The Witch, and the music industry landscape (13). Do you believe in love after Reed? Can long distance relations work? Let Miss Lonely Hearts guide you (11). The Grail’s very own Kevin stars in this week’s DeSastre (12).


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