Dear readers,

This week we have for you a conglomeration of creative pieces. Who needs news anyways? But look to the right for one surprise announcement (1). Here comes a fizzlin’ short prose piece (2), and Guananí gives us the rundown on cherry blossom tradition and lore (3). Enjoy our watercolorist Suki’s newest image (4), followed by a trippy short story by Claire (5). First-time contributor Kelsey offers up a humble fridge poem (6), and Ema’s cartoon transports us to the Jurassic-Trump Era (7). Shana makes our mouths water with another sweet treat recipe (8), yum! Miss Lonely Hearts brings up the rear with thoughtful advice to A Worried Partner (10). Everyone here at The Grail sends good vibes to our hardworking seniors with their first drafts this week.

Anton, Claire, and Guananí

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