Volume 1 Issue 8


Dear Miss Lonely Hearts,

I’m a 5'11, athletic Asian-American male who enjoys short walks on the beach and burrito trucks. That’s what my OkCupid profile says. I received a message from “Kacialmanza”: 22, lives in Portland, and seems to be an attractive white woman. Her message: “Hello :)”. I thought I hit the jackpot. I checked out her profile. She likes watching Korean Dramas. Me too! She loves rice and sushi! So do I! Her favorite book is Lolita. Okay, that’s cool I guess, Yay books! She loves “anything Asian in generally”. Okay...what. Finally, she said, Message me if: “You are Asian.” Verbatim, full stop.

Holy crap, what do I say to this racist?

Asian Persuasion