Singer-Songwriter of Our Own and an Ode to the ’60s


Abodes of Owls — Self-Released by Garrett Linck ’17

Drawing on influences such as Stephen Malkmus, Isaac Brock, and Elliot Smith, it’s no wonder why freshman Garrett Linck decided to expand his musical endeavors here in Portland. After splitting from his Vermont-based band “Wolcot” this fall, Linck came to Reed with a 1977 Fender Mustang strapped to his back and high hopes for life in Portland’s music scene. Recorded back in the green mountain state by Ryan Power, Linck’s debut is laden with heavy guitar riffs and the muted honesty characteristic of his late ’90s influences.

Linck has gotten considerable media attention this week from both the Burlington magazine Seven Days and coverage closer to home in Portland Mercury. The articles applaud Linck for his ability to combine an familiar indie sound with explosive, hypnotic enchantment. Abodes of Owls will be officially released on February 28, but until then the EP can be streamed on his Bandcamp page:

To celebrate his release, Linck will be playing a show on campus later next week. Godspeed to you, Garrett!

Sun Structures — Temples

Released last week, Temples’ Sun Structures is a dreamily harmonized ode to the late 1960s.  Tracks such as “Test of Time” and “Mesmerise” sound as if they could be tucked into something like Pink Floyd’s Piper at The Gates of Dawn. Admittedly hackneyed at some points, the album could use a bit more of the experimentalism that motivated their psychedelic muses. But, if you’re just looking to get groovy then this English quartet should do the trick.