I, for one, welcome our new annotating overlords. By which I mean us, I suppose, although I haven’t completely figured out how one becomes an annotator for Genius. It might be rather easy, but I’m still too awestruck as a witness to the process to become an active cog in the exegesis machine. For those that aren’t familiar, is the website formerly known as Rap Genius, that has long been expanding its purview to include non-hip hop genres like rock, pop, and historical tracts and speeches. But did you know that now you can type in front of nearly any website and see/create annotations on that webpage? It’s crazy! The new motto of the company seems to be “Annotate the World” and I’m excited to see where this goes; in the least, it will be interesting, and at most, it could revolutionize the way we relate to the consumption of media and news and, well, the world. Genius is attracting some big names, including their poaching of music writer Sasha Frere-Jones from New Yorker. Hell, Judith Butler is annotating her own works and interviews on the site. Judith Butler! All hail the new age of annotation.