Arca's Sheep

Death Grips’ Fashion Week instrumental album is pretty good, and probably the most listener-friendly release that they’ve come out with ever, but this is the real fashion show soundtrack that you want. Arca is a Venezuelan musician/producer who exploded all over that prime 2013-era scene with production credits on Yeezus and his own superb mixtape &&&&&, and released his debut album Xen last year (although Xen had some cool things going on i/r/t gender dysphoria, it wasn’t quite as nice musically as &&&&& this keyboard’s ampersand button has never been so flagrantly exercised!). While Arca’s been getting a lot of press for production creds on Bjork’s new album—but really, Bjork deserves pretty much all the credit on that one—this is the real release you wanna look out for. It’s only 17 minutes, but it’s free on the internet somewhere, and it’s perfectly creepy music (with even creepier album art) for the somewhat-creepy concept of a fashion show. It doesn’t take a PhD in Literary Theory to connect the symbolic connotations of sheep to the behavior of people following the fashion industry. Perhaps Arca is making some ~subversive~ comments here, but the lambs haven’t stopped screaming yet; they just bought some Yeezys.