Kanye’s Media Blitz for his next masterpiece, "So Help Me God"

It’s Kanye’s world, and we are just living in it. Said differently: YEEZY SEASON APPROACHING. And fuck whatever y’all been hearin’, because “Only One” is a great song, and “All Day” perfectly combines the sound of Yeezus with this new McCartney kick that ’Ye’s been on. But honestly, Kanye is usually pretty on point (on sight, if you will) but rarely so much so as he has been in the last month. Check out some of the interviews he’s been giving lately. He’s been getting into some pretty great discussions about classism versus racism in contemporary society, and his forays into fashion with Adidas have some pretty solid ideological underpinnings. Plus, he was literally spitting some fire on that television debut of “All Day.” My body is ready, Kanye, drop this new album on me. (As a sidenote, I had a dream/nightmare that Kanye, Death Grips, and Kendrick all dropped their albums surprise-style on the same day and the world just imploded because of it. It would be too much greatness to handle.)