Portland Dining Month

Wanna get fancy on the cheap? A bunch of the best restaurants in the city banded together to offer three course meals of their best stuff for $29 each. While that isn’t exactly as cheap as sum tastee burger’n’fries from Burgerville, it is nowhere near the price that some of the meals at these restaurants would usually be. So drag your smelly butt out of the library to some PDX fine dining. Wear your Reed crewneck, too, so everyone else in the joint knows where that grungy kid with the greasy hair and bad table manners is coming from. I’d say that we would be really making a name for Reed College among the hoi polloi of Portland foodies, but (1.) Reed already has made an ivory-casted name for itself and (2.) Half of the foodies in PDX are grubby sweatshirt-wearing greaseballs anyways.