Best Albums of 2015

On to music! I feel like music in 2015 was characterized by an excessive outpouring of good-to-great but not quite exceedingly excellent music, if that makes sense. Every single week seemed to bring about a handful of exciting or big name releases, to the point that there was never really a quiet period or moment of the year. By my own count, there were somewhere around 200 albums that I listened to that I thought were quite good, which is pretty crazy! That being said, there wasn’t a whole lot that truly dug into me and affected me intensely. But these 25 albums represent some amazing tunes in all genres that did get to me. Take a listen:

1. Sprinter — Torres

2. I Love You, Honeybear — Father John Misty

3. River — Daniel Bachman

4. Summertime ’06 — Vince Staples

5. Viet Cong — FKA Viet Cong

6. Full Communism — Downtown Boys

7. Never Were the Way She Was — Colin Stetson

8. Dream All Over — Gun Outfit

9. Bird Calls — Rudresh Mahanthappa

10. Lore — Elder

11. Product — Sophie

12. Age of Transparency — Autre Ne Veut

13. Frozen Niagara Falls — Prurient

14. Kicking Every Day — All Dogs

15. The Agent Intellect — Protomartyr

16. Field Guides — Sarah Louise

17. Early Risers — Soldiers of Fortune

18. No one is coming for us — Trust Fund

19. Over and Even — Joan Shelley

20. Mutant — Arca

21. Sleepy Kids — Haybaby

22. Beach Music — Alex G

23. DS 2 — Future

24. Sprained Ankle — Julien Baker

25. Realm of Sacrifice — Vanum

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