Thesis / "Squealer Two"

So, in case you didn’t know, thesis is due next week. This means that, when the editors of this grand publication emailed me to ask me to write a shorter column this week to make room for an advertisement, I wasn’t exactly complaining. In fact, I wondered if I could just send in my thesis abstract and call that good enough for the column. But I’m not sure if any of you want to deep dive with me into the politics of social and textual exclusion in the American campus novel, and if you do, just get a taste of the real thing and spend some time on Reed Facebook (ZING!).

So instead, I’m gonna shout out some quick bits of cultural goodness to check out, and for brevity’s sake I’m gonna bullet-point that business (unless the editors tell me no because it violates the style rules or whatever):

Even though the album it comes from is middling as far as his output goes, Ty Segall’s song “Squealer Two” kicks all kinds of ass. It’s an equal opportunity ass-kicker. It’s the best T-Rex song in the past several decades. It’s the funkiest rock jam of the year, and I don’t think anything could beat it. I want the Renn Fayre theme to be “Squealer Two.” It’s what Bowie, RIP, would have wanted.