what does your favorite date spot on campus say about you

the library (to study together)

  • neither of you have time for an actual relationship but you don’t want to admit it yet

  • you exchange an average of three words per hour

  • at least one of you is a physics major

the library (to explore the bookshelves)

  • you get lost easily

  • undecided major

  • easily distracted by shiny things

the amphitheater

  • you think smoking weed is a reasonable first date

  • you probably own multiple items made of fairtrade organically woven hemp fibers

  • you think the canyon is like, really, really pretty at night, man

  • like, nature and shit... is amazing

  • amazing ...

  • ... fuckin amazing

your dorm room

  • you know what you’re actually interested in

  • it’s not romance

  • it’s sex

  • you want some dick

  • but you actually have a really good taste in movies holy shit

music practice room

  • “this one time... at band camp...”

  • you either genuinely jam out

  • or you think that the best use for an oboe is for foreplay

  • “why don’t these windows have blinds?” commons

  • you planned this meeting in your bullet journal, carefully nestled between seven extracurriculars and 300-level classes

the comic library

  • probably a furry