Mood Music: Walking to Class

For many of us, getting through Reed without a good pair of headphones or earbuds would be impossible. So here’s a playlist that will possibly help you deal whatever Reed is throwing your way. The main theme for this week’s playlist is change and uncertainty. Whether you’re a first-year or a senior, the first few weeks of school will always leave you with an unsettling mix of feelings. Personally, the weirdest part of the start of a semester is the time I spend walking to and from class. I always end up missing some old faces and having to adjust to some new ones. I made this playlist because to me it feels like the right mixture of sad yet sweet, anxious yet hopeful.

1. “You Bet I Stare”
Bane’s World – Drowsy

I wanted to put this in here because people-watching is a way a lot of us pass the time between classes, but I also thought it was a nice reminder that you should leave girls alone.

2. “I Don’t Know You”
The Marías – Super Clean Vol. 1

You know those kids that start dating online a few weeks before school starts, and then break up the first day of orientation? Are you one of those kids? Well, this one's for you.

3. “No Face”
Haley Heynderickx – I Need to Start a Garden

Heynderickx has such a dark, folksy style that I couldn’t resist putting her on this. “No Face” is a fairly sentimental song about loving people as kindly as you can and what-not. Be kind to others, and especially be kind to yourselves, my guys.

4. “Contact”
Froth – Outside (Briefly)

This is the song you should listen to if you started smoking just to have something to do with your hands. Though you really shouldn’t do that.

5. “Wet & Wild”
Holy Wave – Relax

I don’t really have any particular reason for choosing this song, but it’s my playlist and I like it so here it is. Enjoy it. Or not.

6. “Front Window Down”
Tijuana Panthers – Poster

There are times when anticipation, for good and bad things, builds up so intensely around campus that you find yourself practically choking on it. Put on this song, jitter around, and get rid of those nerves.

7. “Minneapolis”
Vagabon – Infinite Worlds

I thought this was a cheerful note to end on, and to think about changing and living in a more positive way.