"Everyone I Love Is A Stranger To Someone" Published Today

A book of poems, "Everyone I Love Is A Stranger To Someone" by Annelyse Gelman '13  was published today by Write Bloody. One of the poems "Giraffe" was read by Genevieve Scanlan and animated by Auden and Annelyse last year:

Annelyse says of the poem: 

"I wrote Giraffe as a distraction from editing the final draft of my thesis, and I remember running down from a classroom on the upper floor of the library down to the new pit, where I placed it in front of Auden, who in my memory immediately declared it "the best poem ever" and who in his memory "liked it, I guess." Six months later, in New Zealand, Auden and I animated Giraffe over the span of a week; it was slapdash, slipshod, and very fun. We copped the cutout-on-paper style from a Russian House pseudo-anti-drug PSA Auden had made, and set to work coming up with a basic plan using the well-respected "talk very quickly over each other until one idea wins" method and making a horizontal tripod with some scrap wood from a construction job and a bolt that Auden already had in his pocket, probably so that he could turn whatever random objects he encountered - fenceposts, trees, small animals - into tripods, too. Both the concept and execution for Giraffe were a team effort. The shooting itself seemed incredibly slow to me, because I'd never done animation before, and incredibly quick to Auden, because he had. In post-production, we swapped off editing in Final Cut and taking my portable audio recorder around the suburbs of Dunedin recording hinges squeaking, ham squishing, bushes rustling, my dogs squealing, etc. And then Giraffe sat on the internet for a long time doing nothing."

The Grail talked to Annelyse about her first book of poetry for an article that will appear int he next issue, out Thursday.

View more of Annelyse's poetry on her site, or take a look at the book.