Corgi Schmorgi

“Is this the corgi I saw on Facebook?” is a question Julia Nicholson, Assistant Director of Residence Life, gets asked almost daily by excited students. This Facebook famous pup has been a huge hit on campus.

But what’s the big deal? I mean, he’s just a five pound fluffy log waddling around campus on his tiny floofy stumps. Sure he’s not much bigger than the average rabbit and may have the most awkwardly adorable run this world has ever seen, but is he really that great? The answer is yes. Yes he is. This puppy is that great if not greater. This is the pup we all know and love, the one, the only, Watson the corgi puppy! Watson is a ten week old purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

He arrived on campus just two weeks ago when Julia got him as a surprise gift for her partner (who has always dreamed of having a corgi named Watson) because true love does still exist. Julia’s other dog, an older German Shepherd named Kaiya, has had to adjust to having the new member of the family. Kaiya has taken on a motherly role to Watson (who even tried to nurse from her), cuddling up to him and giving him tongue baths, but also putting him in his place when he gets too feisty.

As with any puppy, Watson can be a bit of a handful. His baby teeth are growing in and he’s eager to use them on whatever he can. Watson also plays a bit of good pup/bad pup with you, being affectionate and snuggly one moment then nipping at you and showing off his little baby bark the next. However, Watson is in the process of learning his manners, and is even going to be attending a bit of puppy kindergarten soon! (What I really want to know is can I go to puppy kindergarten because that sounds like the best time).

You can find Watson out on walks by the cross-canyons, probably surrounded by a small crowd. Run to him, let him run to you, laugh at his ridiculous and precious gait, pick him up, get emotional over how cute he is, yell that he can’t be real, rinse, repeat.