Puppy Profile

As the fourth week of classes is upon us, one can feel the general stress level on campus quickly rising from “I have plenty of time to get that Hum reading done” to “that’s due tomorrow?” to “oh wait I have a Bio test right now” to a stressful  transcendence of completely giving up. In these trying times, I find it helpful to take walks around campus and see some of that “sunlight” thing that has become increasingly less familiar. While taking a stroll around, something quickly catches the eye of all of us animal aficionados: pups. So many pups. Small pups. Big pups. Pups everywhere. Yes, we have been blessed by the presence of many fluffy gifts frolicking around campus. I encourage you to bother every human walking their precious angel around campus by asking them the question we all feel in our hearts “Can I pet your dog?” But friends, I have decided to go on a mission, a mission to never have to worry about what the preferred pronouns of a pup on campus is, because I will know. I want to learn about as many of the pups on campus as humanly possible. I’m here to do the hard research, and friends, I am here to share my findings with you. So sit back, relax, and level up on your dog spotting game by learning about some of our furry campus friends with me. Welcome to Dogs of Reed.





Owner: Molly Orden

Part of what makes Great Danes, well, great, are their adorably awkward phases of growing. Olive, a 4 and a half month old 50lb pup doesn’t have time to adjust to her quickly growing body — giving her a dorky, noodle-esque essence as she slips and slides around on her lanky legs. This huge goof is an absolute sweetheart, eager to jump right on your lap and lick your face as if she’s a petite lap dog, or curl up next to like a cat. Currently, this sweet goofball is going through a teething phase, so don’t be surprised if she gnaws a bit on your possessions/you. Oh, and don’t worry if in her excitement she grabs a chunk of your hair in her mouth — this is just her odd way of saying ‘I like you — and your hair.” Whether you find her excitedly sliding around campus, or tugging on the branch of a tree, go say hello to this cutie. Give her velvety fur a hearty pet, and let your entire being be overtaken by pup love.




Owner: Lindsay Hammond – RA of ODB

I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen this campus famous pup being walked around. Known as the “dog of ODB” (currently she is the only one), Roxy is a mascot of the ODB community. Often she can be spotted in the area around the dorm, and always makes appearances at dorm-sponsored events. This 5-year-old blue nose Pitbull is living the good life. Roxy is quite the socialite, and was stopped constantly for pets as we walked around the great lawn. While some can be intimidated at first by her big, muscular Pitbull physique — one quickly learns that Roxy is not even close to being anything to be afraid of. “Look at her, she’s so vicious,” Hammond jokes as her pooch happily receives a belly rub. Roxy can be found enjoying the great outdoors of Reed, treating the world as her toy, and devouring sticks on the great lawn in an oddly goat-like manor. Go say hello to her, as this people dog will enjoy every second of it.