Dear Readers,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We at The Grail are thankful to be done with another semester of reporting: Finals week is our last issue! Tomorrow, million of families will be huddled around the kitchen table, sharing laughs, bonding, and eating unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates. With Turkey comes relatives, and with relatives come your relatives’ weird stories. Hear Grace discuss the recount the tale of her turn-of-the-millenium woes (8). Are you fan of movies with subtitles? Philosophical inquiries? Unrealistic wardrobe choice? You may be artist in your family, and Holy Motors (5) may be the movie for you. Reed’s divestment is a contentious issue these days, read about it (1) an argue with family members over a cup of hot chocolate. Lastly, the ruling in the Michael Brown case has come as a shock to many Americans, who took to the streets yesterday to rally and show their respect. See photos of how the vigils in Portland went down (4). Have a safe holiday everyone.



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