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“Yo, I’m sure that everybody out listening agree / That everything you see ain’t really how it be.” Mos Def had it right. As inscribed in the lower Common’s bathroom, Def’s words resonate as Reedies enter their seventh week of school. Outside the bubble, The Faux museum, as its name suggests, is more than meets the eye. What appears to be Chinatown tourist trap reveals itself to be a critical, mind-bending, humorous inquiry into the nature of art, reality, and love (1). Reedies think highly of their college: Reed exceptionalism runs rampant as students and administrators alike tout Reeds “life of the mind” over the Ivy Leagues “life of the privileged.” Bill Deresiewicz, author of a new book praising colleges like Reed, spoke in VLH this past Tuesday. Met with some criticism and some praise, his advice for students is not what many were hoping for (6). How much do you know about the Reed Student Advocates? One of many such support organizations, Aysha Pettigrew ‘15 leads readers through the SAPR program that you only thought you understood (4). Famed Reed poet Annelyse Gelman ‘13 returns to Reed for a night of poetry and music (8). Porches and Frankie Cosmos come to the SU (10). As always, we find our intrepid heroine Grace navigating the world of Pancho Savery, gingerbread men, and fox-squirrels (9). As per usual, you can like us on facebook, or see our past issues online at www.reedthegrail.com.

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