The Fall is upon us. Centered around the story of an alcoholic paralytic’s friendship with a 5-year-old Romanian immigrant, The Fall (2006) is a visual tour-de-force, a stunning film whose scenes seem like filmic adaptations of surrealist painting. While the Reed life may not have the grandeur of a multi-continental adventure-fantasy, is certainly has its fair share of colors and drama. At Reed, autumn brings about intense euphoria, with simultaneous melancholy. Grace Fetterman understands this all too well. From making new friends to sad Commons meals, read about one woman’s journey through the fall (5). Looking for some more upbeat news? Look no further than what The New Yorker calls “of the most remarkable acts bubbling up from the extreme-metal underground.” The Body, Beast, and Hail come rock PDX (4). Enjoy sipping hot beverages and discussing Philosophy? The Grial’s interview with Reed’s Philosophical Society might just be your cup of tea (1).


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