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Thank you! This is an issue of The Grail! We couldn't have done it without support from readers like you. Since 2014 The Grail has not only been delivering the journalistic and creative content you want, but the content you crave. As a gift, this week we’ll include great articles such as On Blogging, one man’s figurative wrestling match with fame, immortality, and literature (?). Our adventure correspondents go on a SEEDs trip to unforgettable Flamingo Ridge farms (?). The Commons secret menu has been exposed! (it's more than just cheesy fries) (?). The Cultural Calendar reviews the hottest-darkest-funniest cartoon of the past 100 years: Rick & Morty (?). We take a look at another drawn masterpiece, Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson (?). The Gender Blender Defender meets Miss Lonely Hearts (?). De Sastre is back with some style (in spanish). The road towards perfection is long and narrow, but we travel it everyday. Here’s to more issues (magazine issues)!


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