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The Grail returns for another semester. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the rains have yet to come. By now freshmen are either enamored by or annoyed with their Hum 110 conferences. We’re here to help. Read our guide to Hum 110 (1) and you could earn your very own Double A. Residents of the Grove may be settling into their air-conditioned rooms, but few know what came before. The Reed Community Garden, a fixture of Southeast Portland for 30 years, was demolished to make way for the four dormitories in 2007. See

what lies beneath (4). Have you heard the good news? Graceful Grousings returns for the second year, and things are as crazy as always. Read about the Crank House (3) and feel better about your grandparents’ life choices. Charlie’s Cultural Calendar begins its encore performance (6), so stay tuned for more Portland events, near and far.

Brendan, Brian, Grace, Jordan, Maddy, and Vikram 

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