Dear readers,

Welcome to Reed (or welcome back)! We’re so excited for another great year. To begin our first issue of the season, Kate Ehrenberg gives us the lowdown on wildfires (1). Dan Schultz doles out some wisdom for handling Reed life (3). A poem (4) by a first time contributor, Sky Ford, hangs out across the page from artwork by one of our editors, Kelsey Loar (5). Another first time contributor, Ben Read, writes a story for us about driving lessons (6). Our first Cultural Column of the year comes from Alex Morgan (8). This week our Remote Report was sent in from Lyla Boyajian in Armenia (9). And finally, Miss Lonely Hearts provides her first advice of the year on our last page (10). If you’re interested in writing for us, we meet every Monday at 9 p.m. in the PAB Atrium.

Claire S., Claire P., Guananí, and Kelsey

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