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The rains have set in, and the dreary weather makes one pine for a bygone age. We’re not talking about this past summer, but the summers during Reed’s golden years. Students would frolick in the outdoor swimming pool that once existed where the fish ladder now stands. Read about the rise and fall of this contentious structure (1). Childhood always looks better in memory than in pictures. Better than any faded dusty polaroid, our recollections of the past are a little brighter, a little warmer than in reality. Richard Linklater has taken childhood, memory, and our generation and wrapped it into a movie for the ages. Dylan Holmes reviews Boyhood (4), treading the fine mental line between the present and past. Maddy Appelbaum asks us to imagine throwing the ideal party. What would it be like? A simple question right? Wrong. Prepare to be led on a time traveling journey through childhood, dreams, and talking Trees (7). Miss Lonely Hearts is back, along with the life altering questions and answers you’ve always wanted but never felt courageous enough to ask (6). Culture Charlie is here again, and sooner than expected. With too much culture to just fit on one page, this special spillover edition of the Cultural Calendar brings more of the movies and show you didnt even know you wanted to see (10)! If you know someone abroad who would like to write for The Grail, tell them to visit Share with us your news, pictures, and stories from your time abroad and they could end up in the magazine! This weeks tale from Spain comes courtesy of The Grail’s own Lauren Cooper (9).



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