Dear Readers,

Welcome back! Hope all of you had a summer season of equal or greater quality than you’d expected. If not, The Grail is back and ready for volume four. Inside, you’ll find various summer goings-on and all the kit you’ll need for the coming year.  Confused about the blood-splattered Amanda Reed in the Quad? Look no further than page (2). Grace had quite the time in a hat museum, the misadventures of which are detailed within (5). Our full column circus is back in style with a DeSastre article (in glorious black and white) (8). The Cultural Column takes a look at works of fiction by black authors (10). Miss Lonely Hearts deals with that all-familiar spectre haunting portland: Clarkies (9). Finally, we remember a fallen friend, colleague, and community member. Mark Angeles ’15 was killed while riding his bike just days after graduating last May. Inside is a small attempt to give recognition to him and those who will miss him (1).


Brian, Grace, Jordan, Maddy, Lauren, Vikram

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Graceful Grousings

De Sastre

Miss Lonely Hearts

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